Friday, September 25, 2009

Website On A Little Break

As You Wish Floral Design is changing it up a little on the website.  My media director a.k.a. my husband is giving the website a face lift.  If you would like to see more of my work and some of my recommendations you can go to and look under As You Wish Floral Design or the zip code of 50072 and do a search under flowers. 

So the break is just temporary and the new features should be fun to have and easy to use. 
Here is a fun picture of a couple taking a short break while
 giving the brides feet a time out between pictures and the
 ceremony along with a few others by Blush Photography.   
 I never tire of red as a wedding color.  So many combinations to
 put together.  Always delightful , red.  This was a wedding that I did September of 2008 at First Assembly in Des
Photo courtesy of blush

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Weddings

It is hard to believe that the fall wedding season is here.  September, October and November all are the months that hold fall weddings.  In the fall we welcome deep rich vibrant colors like deep purple, plum, navy, burgandy and amber.  This fall and winter another color to look for is  soft creme brulee along with bronzes, coppers and black.  Yes, black is back.

For weddings during the fall season don't forget the deep rich tones of fall in with rich reds, deep golds, royal purples and outstanding oranges. 

What About The Flower Girl

Flower Girls have been known to be a show stopper at weddings (that is until the bride makes her entrance of course.)  
Not only do the wedding guest look forward to seeing those adorable flower girls and lets not forget the handsome and charming ring bearers but also look forward to any surprise behaviors that might arise as they
 make their way down the aisle.  Even at my own children's weddings these members of the bridal party did not disappoint. 

Tradition has it that there is usually one flower girl but more modern weddings can include more than one flower girl.  I remember getting up at 2:00 a.m. to watch Princess Diana's wedding on television.  Her flowers were amazing and had me gasping.  I had never seen anything like that in my life, only in my floral day dreaming but here in real life was the largest, lush bouquet I had ever seen.  Oh, sorry back to the flower girls.  She had a large number of young ladies that accompanied her down the aisle.  Adorable. 

The flower girls dresses can be a duplicate of the bride or different in style but in a color that matches the bride.  They can also be in the same color family or complimentary to the attendants.  This is your wedding so do things the way you want.  Make up your own etiquette once in a while.  After all that's were trends come from. 

Some flower options could be the traditional basket with loose petals for them to drop as they make their way down the aisle, a pomander ball, a small nosegay, a flower wreath for their head, a wrist corsage (this will give them something with color for your pictures), or a single flower to carry.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who Gets Flowers?

Frequently during a consultation with a bride the question of who gets flowers will come up.  So here is a check list of the many different people involved in your wedding.

Best man
Ring bearer(if he is at least 3yrs. old)
Friends helping at the wedding (officiant, guest book attendant, musicians, readers)
Host and special family members

Friends helping at the wedding (officiant, guest book attendant, musicians, readers)
Hostesses, special family members and sponsors

Of course this list is a complete list of everyone who could receive a body flower.  But you should adjust this list based on personal preferences, cultural issues and budget.  Very often the bride and groom choose not to give out flowers to anyone beyond the bridal party, parents and grandparents and this is absolutely o.k. 

Notes on Etiquette:

Step parents:  The day of your wedding is not the time to let people know how you feel about your step parent.  Any unresolved issues should be taken care of prior to the this day.  I would advice against giving something smaller to your step parent or not giving them something at all.  I have coordinated  several weddings where the step parent was treated in a manner significantly different.  Step parents should be honored in the same fashion as your blood parents.  Better to be a peace keeper today than to bring any issues like this to the attention of others.  This is your special day.  Don't let anything seem larger than it should. 

Honor their wishes:  Some people really , really dislike wearing a boutonniere or corsage.  Ask your friends and family what they would prefer.  Women have many options.  Corsages can be worn as a pin corsage, a wrist corsage in their hair, on a purse or carry a small posy bouquet.  
Sorry guys you are limited to a boutonniere however if the wedding is very casual and no jackets are going to be worn you can not have boutonnieres worn with no harm done. 

A reminder: If you have a question about what direction your corsages are supposed to be in the answer is .......(drum roll please) if there is a ribbon it goes at the bottom.  Flowers go in the direction they grow.  

Image by Justin Smith of Smash Photography

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emily and Trent are Married

Trent and Emily were married on a beautiful spring day in early May. 
The weather was perfect for them and there wedding was amazing.  Loved these photos by Justin of Smash at  I love professional photographers, they make my work look so nice.  Thanks Justin.  Emily's bouquet was a great mix of  hydrangea, roses, calla lilies, freesia, asian lilies, hypericum berries, hanging amaranth and hyacinth.  She was stunning.  Her bridesmaids carried smaller bouquets of similar flowers.  The guys boutonnieres consisted of purple thistle, hydrangea, hypericum berries and statice. 

Here's a little eye candy for you!  Enjoy. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dawn and Dave

Dawn and Dave held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Snus Hill Winery in Madrid. 
Dawn wanted an organic feel and something different and a little unusual. 
We added dried grape vine to her bouquet and also around the bottom of the bridesmaids bouquets.  

Check out the  guys lapel pieces.  I loved doing them.  Millet, succulents, grape vine pieces and green satin wrap.                                                                                                    
The corsage at the top right hand corner,  cockscomb, globe amaranth, some dried grape vine tendrils and green ribbon.  I loved making these.  They were the same for the men only minus the ribbon.  

The setting was charming and casual.  Intimate and personal.  A lovely place for a wedding. 
On a side note, those are my limelight hydrangeas in her bouquet.  My first year to grow them.  I may be a little partial but I thought they were beautiful. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ryan and Katie are married

Katie had only one request.  She wanted red roses.  Easy enough.  Her attendants all wore black and carried red rose bouquets with ivy and satin wrapped in red satin ribbon. 
The ceremony and reception took place in the same venue.  We set up all the tables just like they would be for the reception with centerpieces in place.   At the front of the venue we set up a focal area for the ceremony and when the ceremony was finished and while the bride and groom were greeting their guest we tore down the ceremony area a moved the pieces we used there around the area to make the room look like a party.  It worked out pretty well. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

                                              The bridal party having fun with their photo's

                                           The groom watching his bride take a photo. 

I put this photo in just because I like it.  It is a good photo of a bout with detailing.  The guys vest had some silver threads running through it.  The silver wiring that is wrapped around the stem and the silver accent beads at the bottom top it off.  Details, details, details. 

Just some more fun photos of Crystals wedding.  Planning an outdoor wedding means taking a risk that the weather is going to cooperate with you but in Crystals case luck was on her side.  

When you are planning your wedding you should always do one thing.  Plan to have fun.  Crystal did and it showed on her face and in her photos. 

Photos courtesy of  McGinnis Photography. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Centerpiece

Everyone likes to have color on there tables but if cost is a factor for you here is an idea for a simple centerpiece.  A simple single  beautiful purple ranunculus in a unique vase.  The table runner is also a plus.  Look for rentals and add votives and you have it.  

Brown and Lavender

Here are some pictures of a wedding that I did last October.  She really wanted to use lavender flowers and wasn't sure about the brown dresses.  I thought it turned out great. 

Photos courtesy of Sherry Lynn Photo. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Hanging Votive Candles for Centerpieces

Look at my new super candle purchases.  I am purchasing the clear ones for a wedding that I have coming up in May.  We are using them in the alter pieces and as table centerpieces.  I am so excited, I can't wait to see them.  I love the effect that candlelight gives.  It is so warm, romantic and cozy. These will be so spectacular glowing up above the tables.  Just imaging seeing this  as you enter the room. I am going to hang them from branches that are going to be in 29 in. tall vases.  I am going to wrap aspidistra leaves around the vases at an angle with raffia holding them to the vase with green moss tucked in around the opening of the vase. This bride wants a very simple and natural look and these centerpieces will be just the added touch she was looking for.  I can't wait to post the pictures so you can see them. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Orange Rising

Orange is a color that is rising in popularity for weddings, and yet it is still offbeat enough to feel fresh and original.  

Can you imagine using orange in with a rich chocolate brown or a velvety creamy taupe.  How about a deep navy or copper.  Not to be forgotten for the contemporary bride orange with the popular celery green or hot pink even a spash of lemon yellow with these would be striking.  I have even seen orange with a soft sky blue. 

Roses are always beautiful but the Naranga really captures the essence of the deep bright orange that can really make your bouquets pop.  Luecospermum "Tango"and peach hypericum berries, "Tang" dendrobium orchids, Dahlia's and Cockscomb are all  great orange flowers that add a richness and unique flavor.  Tulips come in a large variety of orange and peach tones.  And not to be forgotten vibrant orange Gerbera Daisies.

Orange can be used in a variety of wedding styles and can be beautiful.  If you are looking to make your wedding bouquets and centerpieces unique and vibrant, consider the orange colored flowers. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Purple Reign

Photos courtesy of Alex Mc Ginnis Photography

One of my favorite brides.  O.K. I  like them all but Crystal is one bride that will not easily be forgotten.  When Crystal and I met she told me that she wanted something bright and colorful. She also gave me a lot of opportunities to be creative and have fun.

 Crystals fiance proposed to her in Italy.  The centerpieces on the table at the restaurant where he proposed to her had purple dendrobium orchids so of course we had to use dendrobium orchids in her bouquet and her centerpieces.  

Crystal decided on a long cascade bouquet that was bright and colorful that included her purple dendrobiums, purple anemones, purple calla lilies, purple lisianthus along with hot pink and orange roses and yellow and red varigated tulips and some caspia to mix with her outdoorsy, country feel. 

Crystal had two request for her wedding.  She wanted it to be outside if possible and pretty.  I helped Crystal to find a location that had an area that she could have her outdoor location and that could easily transition to an indoor ceremony if the weather did not cooperate.  The ceremony and reception location was The Celebration Barn in Cumming, IA. 
 A great location with great versatility for either an indoor or outdoor ceremony.  

The forecast that day was for rain but just in time the sun decided to shine and lasted all the way through Crystal and Steve's ceremony.  When it was time to transition into the reception which was inside at the Celebration Barn the rain had started to move in.  But Crystal and Steve got there outdoor wedding.
The sun was shining bright that day but the happiness reflected in Crystals smile shined even brighter.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Bit of the Green

Green has been a popular color for the last couple of years for many a bride.  Brides have combined green with white, brown, pink, blue, red, orange and yellow.  Just as in nature, green is the perfect backdrop for every color.  Floral growers have done a fantastic job at supplying more and more flowers of varying textures and shades to meet the growing demand for this new staple in wedding flowers.  

Here are some of the colors we mentioned and flowers that you can use to bring your color pallet to life. 

Green like spring, fresh, new, happy.  
Flowers to use: cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, heleoborus, viburnum, gladiola, spider mums, kermit button mums, bells of ireland, black berries (that are really green), must mention green hanging amaranthus and the ever popular hydrangea.

White is crisp, pure, innocent, refreshing and calming
Possible flowers to use would be: Peonies, lily of the valley, lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, stock, hydrangea, sweet pea, tulips callas, lisianthus.

Brown is warm, stable, rich
Flowers to use: cosmos, fern, frond, dahlia and sunflowers.

Pink is romantic, soft and sweet
Flowers to use: peonies, orchids, dahlias, sweet peas, ranunculus, bouvardia, anemones,
tulips, hyacinths, astilbe. 

Blue is great for spring and early summer
Flowers to use are: hydrangeas, delphinium, cornflower, iris, thistle pincushion, and monkshood. 

Red is vibrant and bold
Flowers to use: ranunculus, peonies, roses, cockscomb, amaranthus, anemone, tulip and the always popular rose. 

Orange pops
Flowers to use: gerbera daisies, astromeria, dahlia, lilies, callas, freesia, coxcomb.

Yellow is glowing and fun
Flowers to use: mums, sunflowers, callas, gerbera daisies, tulips, orchids, protea, 'Barzetta' peonies, limonium, genista, 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Welcome to the new blog for As You Wish Floral Design. We are working on a new website and part of that will be a blog as well. As You Wish is a full service floral design studio providing custom arrangements for weddings, anniversaries and corporate events.

Keep watching for more.