Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ashly and Josh Part 2

This is part two of Josh and Ashly's  amazing and wonderful wedding at The Kathedral in Des Moines. If you missed part 1 then click on previous post and see what you missed.  
So many beautiful details and 

In the bridal party the brides maids wore sweet black dresses.  Ashly bought all of the girls black cardigans since it was November and could be a little chilly.  And who needs a reason to buy a cute black cardigan any way. 

Ashly going down the stairs to the main level getting ready to meet her groom.  I love this picture of Ashly's bouquet.
Again in case you missed the first post Ashly carried a bouquet with Patience Garden Roses, Stephanotis, Cream Majolica Roses, Star of Bethlehem, Freesia, Babies Breath and Seeded Eucalyptus.

The Kathedral is in the process of being restored.  It is open and is holding services in the building.  This picture gives you an idea of what the inside of where they are at in the restoration process.  In this picture you can see where a part of the ceiling has been removed.  When the church was built in this spot was a stained glass dome.  There was a fire and that dome was removed.  The Kathedral will be putting the stained glass dome back.  It will be beautiful. 

Ashely and Josh Pt. 1

Here are just a few of the amazing details from Josh and Ashly's November 2013 wedding.  Josh and Ashly were married at the historic Kathedral Church in Des Moines, IA.

The Kathedral is currently under renovation and Josh and Ashly felt that it was the perfect setting for their wedding and the start of their new life together. The church had stood the test of time and the currents of change and was still standing strong.  A reflection of Josh and Ashly's desire for their marriage. 

I will be doing another post with more pictures from Josh and Ashly's wedding but for now enjoy these wonderful pictures from Aly Carrol Photography.  

Ashly's beautiful wedding dress.  Cathedral length train and veil.  You will see more of  that in pictures that are coming up.

The historic Kathedral Church in Des Moines, IA
The church is still in the process of restoration.  This is one of the staircases in the church building

The west foyer in The Kathedral.  

Ashly's bouquet made with Juliet Garden Roses, Stephanotis, Cream Majolica Roses, Star of Bethlehem and Seeded Eucalyptus.
30 some years ago Ashly's mother and father were married and I did the flowers for their wedding.  When you are able to be a part of family history like this is is an honor.  Ashly's  mother carried a round bouquet that was made of Babies Breath, White Sweetheart Roses and Stephanotis so we took those flowers that her mom carried and added a few to update the look of the bouquet.  Ashly loved her flowers and her bouquet was probably one of my favorites from last year. 

Boutonniere's for the groomsman.  Textural with the Grey Brunia and greens.

The Grooms Boutonniere.  Rustic and textural with the Grey Brunia, Star of Bethlehem and the wonder fern curl fronds. 

Bridesmaids bouquets were round hand tied bouquets with Cream Majolica Spray Roses, and various textural elements. 

                                           All photos courtesy of Aly Carrol Photography