Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Candy Bars

A Little Eye Candy For You To Feast On

DIY Custom Color Vases

Love these DIY custom color vases.  This was a project that the mother of the bride did.  She collected vases from different thrift shops.  None really matched but they were all clear glass vases.  She bought paint in a color that matched the wedding colors.  Making sure that all of the vases were clean and dry inside, poured the paint into the vases, swirled it around and poured the excess back into her paint container.  Turned them upside down to let the paint drain and wiped the rim often the first our.  Wala!!
New eclectic vases for the reception.  I loved them.  She filled them with the striking orange asiatic lilies and she had wonderful centerpieces for her daughters wedding.
Here is a link for you with more complete instructions.  Happy vase hunting. http://www.marthastewart.com/268444/bottle-beauty

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haley and Greg

Brides Bouquet
LOVE this photo

                                                 Colors really pop against the black bridesmaids dresses

I loved working with Haley and her mom.  Genuine and loving people.  I actually met Haley at another event where we were both volunteering.  We had a great conversation that stuck in my head for a long time.  I remember thinking what an amazing girl.  About 4 months later she called and had become engaged and wanted to talk flowers for her wedding.  Haleys wedding was beautiful.  When we met for her initial consultation she said something that I believe is  key in having beautiful flowers.  As we were looking at different flowers in her colors I asked her what she liked and thought of the ideas.  She said that she was going to leave that to me since that was my area of expertise.  Whenever you give someone that kind of creative freedom you will have something unique to you.  Haley did this in many areas of her wedding and the results were fabulous.  
So what is the moral of this story.  When you meet with your florist or any of your wedding vendors have some ideas of what you like then let creativity take its natural route.  The blending of textures, color, shape, tone and materials is an amazing and wonderful process that when combined is unique to each bride.  It is what your wedding is all about, reflecting, you!

White Speaks of Fresh Beginings

 I enjoyed meeting Yvonne and talking to her about her wedding.  Classic and vintage all wrapped up in one beautiful package describe Yvonne and her style.  We used some classic and full bloosomy blooms to bring those words to life and the combination was a success.  
Yvonne wanted white and cream flowers so we used Cremones, Majolica spray roses Lisianthus and white glad blooms. We added some grey and silver vintage jewlery to finish off the delicate white blooms.  

Congratulations on new and fresh beginings De'Angelo and Yyvonne

Photography by Justin Salem Meyer

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tip #2-Don't Ignore The Budget Blooms

Take any past ideas you have about the more common and usually cheaper varieties of blooms and look at them for their color, shape and longevity. The chrysanthemum with its many shapes, sizes and colors is a good example. They are one of the most budget friendly flowers out there. They lend themselves to many styles and displayed in mass have a great look. Some other common flowers that look good in mass are gypsophila or babies breath for most of us. Babies breath is making a come back in popularity when it is displayed in mass by itself. It has a very feminine and lacy look. Another flower not to be over looked is the carnation that when bunched together looks modern and contemporary. And with crysanthemums there are the button mums, china mum, spider mums and on and on. I am personally having a love affair with the china mum right now. I am using them whenever I can. Economical, full, ruffly and long lasting.....gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Things That Will Get You The WOW Effect


I know what you are thinking, this is not anything new. You've probably heard this many times. But to me it really can't be said enough. I am one of those more is better type of people and I feel this way about wedding flowers. More is always better and sticking to what is seasonal and even better local if that is possible is the best choice you can make when picking your flowers for your wedding. Not only will you stretch your budget further but the quality will be better and the blooms bigger. And with a larger bloom you might not need as many blooms for each bouquet or centerpiece.

A while back I walked into my local supply house to pick up some flowers. A shipment of blue delphinium had arrived and they were cutting the stems and cleaning them to be put in the cooler. I walked over to take a look commented about how gorgeous they were. The color was rich, the blooms were large and the quality was great. I mentioned this to the person who was prepping them and he said "Tis the season." This further drove home the benefit to me of buying seasonal and how important it is to share this with my customers. Everyone wants Wow on their wedding day. Especially with their flowers.

So remember WOW tip #1 is to stay seasonal with your flower choices.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Gets Flowers

There aren't any set-in-stone traditions about who gets to wear wedding-day flowers. But here's who most couples choose to honor: The parents and stepparents, grandparents, any other immediate family members who are not in the wedding party, ushers, and the ceremony readers. Either way, it's up to you.

I have had brides who gave a wrist corsage to her 4 best friends. I have also done a wedding where the bride gave each of her young nieces a corsage and her young nephews a boutonniere. She was close to them all and she wanted them to feel special at her wedding. It was very sweet. I think each of them grew several inches that day because they felt so grown up with wearing there flowers.

You can give flowers to who ever you want as long as you keep things even. It would not be a good way to start your marriage by giving a corsage to your sister and not your sister in law. That is just a fight waiting to happen. And it is good to remember that you are marrying a whole family. This day sets the tone for so many things that are ahead. Weddings tend to bring out a lot of emotions and when they are all good emotions with thoughts of good wishes and happiness it just makes the day of your wedding even more special. Why would anyone want to take any chances of things not going well over a corsage or boutonniere. Such a small thing in the scope of what is going to happen that day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Classy Calla Lilly

Amazing, classy, cool, clean, elegant, versatile are all words that you could use to describe the calla lilly. For all of you planning an elegant and classy wedding perhaps these photos will be a source of inspiration. Calla lilies are a chic, dependable, attractive flower. You can easily use them in your bouquets and also your tall reception centerpieces.

You just have to choose one that will match the wedding that your planning. Calla lilies can be found in any season and usually at affordable prices depending on the type you are choosing.
Calla lilies are stunning alone or mixed with other flower types. Calla lilies come in an assortment of colors including mango, eggplant, yellow, lavender and the classic white.
Calla lilies are the perfect flower for both a classic and a modern wedding. From a traditional church wedding to a rustic outdoor ceremony you can see calla lilies are a very diverse flower.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carnation Love

I have done the carnation an injustice up until recently. I must admit that I did not consider it when I would talk with a client. I had tossed it off to the side as old fashioned and outdated. But I have seen the light. A very popular flower trend that I see continuing this year is flower bunching. Taking all one kind of flower and bunching it together compactly and making a bouquet out of this. It is wonderful. I love the look. I have 5 red carnations made up like this in a cute little glass vase sitting on my desk right now. We will be doing bridesmaids bouquets like this for a wedding in May similar to the one in the first picture. Everyone has a budget and if you want something sizable yet economical then the wonder carnation is for you. Look at these pictures of carnation bouquets and centerpieces and think about using them in your 2011 wedding. Send us an email at www.brenda@asyouwishfloral.com or call (515)201-5135 to talk about your wedding.