Monday, August 4, 2014

Adam and Jenni

A beautiful summer day, a happy couple and the Iowa State Fair Grounds.  All the ingredients for some wonderful pictures and great memories. Adam and Jenni are big fans of the Iowa State Fair so what better place to take their wedding pictures.  
Jenni wanted an all white bouquet.  When we met she had shared with me her two favorite flowers were Peonies and Tulips.  Jenni grew up in Pella, IA and so her love of tulips was a natural.  Jenni's wedding was in June and for Iowa that is a little late for Peonies.  I had a few white Peonies growing in my garden.  I had heard of a trick that you could do to slow the process down for the peonies so I decided to try it to see if I could get Jenni just a few Peonies for her bouquet.  And it worked.  So when I delivered Jenni's bouquet to her I was able to surprise her with both of her favorite flowers.  

Jenni's dress. So light and soft. Perfect for a summer day.
Sweet Couple

Jenni and her bridesmaids. 

Yellow Spray Roses, White Tulips, White Stock, Yellow Zemblas