Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brandon and Kayla

When two people are one in their inner most hearts, they shatter even the strength of iron or of bronze,

And when two people understant each other in their inner most hearts, their words are sweet and strong like an orchid.

Kayla was a beautiful bride with a heart warming smile.

Checking out how the bouquet blended with the shoes. Shoes are never far from a girls heart, even on her wedding day.
                                 All photos are by Jusing Salem Meyer Photography

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pretty in Pink

It has been awhile so we have a lot of catching up to do.  The 2012 wedding season is winding down so I am going to try to catch up on all of the beautiful couples that let us be a part of their amazing day.  I have some of the pro shots from some of the talented  photographers that I have worked with this summer and I will be sharing those along with some of my own.  And as soon as the professional shots come in I will post those because if your like me you never get tired of looking at beautiful wedding photos. 

Vintage, the look of dating from the past. 

Here are some photos from a vintage wedding from this summer. Pink is such a great color and pink ranunculus are amazing. Photos by Justin Salem Meyer Photography.

Beautiful Brides Bouquet of white roses, white china mums, scabiosa pods, pink carnations, mini antique carnations, queen annes lace, dark pink ranunculus.
Scabiosa Pods and Queen Anne's Lace combined with Ranunculus and White China Mums. What's not to love. The Pink Carnations are not to be overlooked.  Carnations are so versatile and colorful. They are floral tutu's and when you mix them with some of the more premium flowers you can't go wrong using them.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Words Of Thanks

Everyone likes to be thanked and at As You Wish Floral we LOVE it. When you deliver flowers to a wedding and hand the bride her bouquet you look for that approval, the spark in her eye and the smile that says "Amazing." When you get a thank you note and the bride expresses her thoughts and feelings like Marty did....well it just makes your day.


Words cannot begin to describe how amazing your flowers made our wedding! The
bouquet you crafted brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother would have been
thrilled to see her cameo used on such a beautiful piece of art. I truly felt
like a bride when I held those in my hand! Your professionalism and artistry are
unparalleled. Everyone adored the shoulder corsages. You really should post
those on pintrerest, they will get a ton of traffic and I'm sure it will stir up
some business for you! The arch stayed looking beautiful for the whole day, and
the lantern was the talk of the reception. The birds nest you placed in it
matched Ryan's boutonniere and our cake perfectly.

You clearly have an ability to understand a couples vision and put it into your
craft. You were easy to work with and flexible when the weather didn't play
nice. I appreciated your prompt email responses and positive demeanor. Thank
you, thank you a million times over! You made our day perfect and oh, so
special. You clearly have found your calling in life! Best luck to your business
in the future. Thank you so very much.

Our gratitude is immense,
-Marti Payseur and Ryan Ogren

October Purple and Red Inspiration

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shades of Coral

Wedding season is in full swing in Iowa and for As You Wish Floral.  Looking at the calendar last night I saw there  was just a short time before the wild ride of April, May and June takes off.  April holds weddings and proms.  May maintains that pace with weddings and graduations.  I have a graduation and open house of my own to plan for this may.  Our youngest son Brendon is graduating.  Such an exciting time for him.  And a time of many changes for us as we have had children at home for 32 years now.  But there are new things to try and more challenges to come.  I am ready for this new era.  Now back on track with June which is jam packed with weddings.  Amazing colors like hot pink, yellow and grey, blue, purple, green, the colors in peacock feathers are just a few of the hues we are working with this season.  And there is one color coming on strong, the color coral.

                         Some pictures of coral from the As You Wish photo archives



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Theres a New Babies Breath in Town

This morning I meet with a bride for her final consultation along with her mother and her mother-in-law.  We were going over the details and we were discussing the bridesmaids bouquets.  Each of the bouquets is made of Babies Breath.  Since this was the future mother-in-laws first time to hear the details she was some what surprised at the use of Babies Breath.  I fully understood.  I have a secret to share with you.  I never liked babies breath....ever, until recently.  Todays babies breath is not what she and I grew up with.  Not at all.  There are several new types of babies breath that are amazing.   A couple of my new favorites are Overtime and Millionstar.   The new varieties are full to overflowing with bright puffs of white. 

                                              Would you use babies breath in your wedding?


                                    Bouquets of Babies Breath have a Lacy and Delicate Look

                                                    Wonderful for Tall Centerpieces


Wreaths for Doors or Aisle Decor
                                                          Used in mass as a Single Flower
                                                            Submerged and Iluminated

Photo 1: Real Simple,  Photo 2: Pacific Weddings,  Photo 3: The Wedding Chicks  Photo 4: Wedding Chicks  Photo 5: Pico Soriano Designs  Photo 6: Wedding Bee