Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carnation Love

I have done the carnation an injustice up until recently. I must admit that I did not consider it when I would talk with a client. I had tossed it off to the side as old fashioned and outdated. But I have seen the light. A very popular flower trend that I see continuing this year is flower bunching. Taking all one kind of flower and bunching it together compactly and making a bouquet out of this. It is wonderful. I love the look. I have 5 red carnations made up like this in a cute little glass vase sitting on my desk right now. We will be doing bridesmaids bouquets like this for a wedding in May similar to the one in the first picture. Everyone has a budget and if you want something sizable yet economical then the wonder carnation is for you. Look at these pictures of carnation bouquets and centerpieces and think about using them in your 2011 wedding. Send us an email at or call (515)201-5135 to talk about your wedding.

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