Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shades of Coral

Wedding season is in full swing in Iowa and for As You Wish Floral.  Looking at the calendar last night I saw there  was just a short time before the wild ride of April, May and June takes off.  April holds weddings and proms.  May maintains that pace with weddings and graduations.  I have a graduation and open house of my own to plan for this may.  Our youngest son Brendon is graduating.  Such an exciting time for him.  And a time of many changes for us as we have had children at home for 32 years now.  But there are new things to try and more challenges to come.  I am ready for this new era.  Now back on track with June which is jam packed with weddings.  Amazing colors like hot pink, yellow and grey, blue, purple, green, the colors in peacock feathers are just a few of the hues we are working with this season.  And there is one color coming on strong, the color coral.

                         Some pictures of coral from the As You Wish photo archives