Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haley and Greg

Brides Bouquet
LOVE this photo

                                                 Colors really pop against the black bridesmaids dresses

I loved working with Haley and her mom.  Genuine and loving people.  I actually met Haley at another event where we were both volunteering.  We had a great conversation that stuck in my head for a long time.  I remember thinking what an amazing girl.  About 4 months later she called and had become engaged and wanted to talk flowers for her wedding.  Haleys wedding was beautiful.  When we met for her initial consultation she said something that I believe is  key in having beautiful flowers.  As we were looking at different flowers in her colors I asked her what she liked and thought of the ideas.  She said that she was going to leave that to me since that was my area of expertise.  Whenever you give someone that kind of creative freedom you will have something unique to you.  Haley did this in many areas of her wedding and the results were fabulous.  
So what is the moral of this story.  When you meet with your florist or any of your wedding vendors have some ideas of what you like then let creativity take its natural route.  The blending of textures, color, shape, tone and materials is an amazing and wonderful process that when combined is unique to each bride.  It is what your wedding is all about, reflecting, you!

White Speaks of Fresh Beginings

 I enjoyed meeting Yvonne and talking to her about her wedding.  Classic and vintage all wrapped up in one beautiful package describe Yvonne and her style.  We used some classic and full bloosomy blooms to bring those words to life and the combination was a success.  
Yvonne wanted white and cream flowers so we used Cremones, Majolica spray roses Lisianthus and white glad blooms. We added some grey and silver vintage jewlery to finish off the delicate white blooms.  

Congratulations on new and fresh beginings De'Angelo and Yyvonne

Photography by Justin Salem Meyer