Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lining The Sides Of Your Aisle With Rose Petals

Rose petals lining the sides of your wedding aisle is a beautiful look.  Very romantic.  It is lovely for any wedding, inside or out.  

You have seen it on blogs, in magazines and on pinterest and you want that same look for your wedding.  Now the big question.  How many roses do I need to line the sides of my aisle?  Answering that is tricky.  Through the process of asking questions and using words like slight coverage, thin layer, medium coverage, thick, dense etc.  to get an idea of how the bride wants it to look

I have been asked that question and I have to admit that I always felt like I was taking a stab in the dark when I answered.  Not being certain of the formula to use to figure that out.  And most people are visual.  It is hard to imaging how something is going to look.                

 So I order the flowers, they arrive and the day of the wedding comes.  What if I really don't have enough to accomplish the look that I am going for.  

Well I have found a great visual for brides and I to look at together that will help us to answer that question. 

Alicia at Flirty Fluers has a wonderful blog that I look at and have used many times for reference on specific things and for a great floral pic me up.  She has put together a visual by simulating an the side of an aisle that she has made in sections that are 10x12 and showed us what 1 rose per foot looks like and then goes on by adding another rose and another rose until you can see what 8 roses per foot looks like.  

I found this to be so helpful and a great tool to use when working with brides that like this look.  Right away we have an idea of the look and the cost that will go into having this at her wedding.  

If this is a look you want go to Flirty Fleurs site to see which of the looks you like best and see approximately how many roses you will need for your wedding aisle.    

Flirty Fleurs: http://flirtyfleurs.com/measuring-aisle-petals/