Monday, February 8, 2010

West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

When the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce called and asked us to talk to them about centerpieces for their annual dinner that they were having at the West Des Moines Golf and Country Club we said absolutly. In talking to them we found out that they were launching a new logo for the chamber this year. They sent us a copy of the logo and we tried to show off both the design of the logo and the colors that they used in the centerpieces. They were a hit.

The large glass cylinder vases you see in the picture on the left are our vases that are 39 in. tall. They were filled with blue water pearls, lime green carnations and roses and copper metalic mesh relecting the colors in the logo. They were used on the podium in front of banners with the logo on them .
The table centerpieces were lit from the bottom with submersible LED lights. The rooms lighting was low so it made the centerpieces really stand out.

The West Des Moines Golf and Country Club is a great venue for corporate events or wedding receptions. For more info go to

NCMIC 2009 Holiday Party

This years NCMIC holiday party was held at The Science Center of Iowa. What a great place to have a party. Thank you NCMIC for letting us spend the holidays with you.