Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Going Nude...?

Yes, Nude.  Not nude like no clothing nude but the color nude for your wedding flowers.  This year I have seen gorgeous blues, grey, pewter and soft to barely there pinks like ballet and petal all blended with nude tones in flowers.  

You might think that nude or beige is not easy to come by in the flower world. 

Let's look at a few flowers that I love to use in that color palette. 
This is a bouquet from one of our June weddings.  All cream and nude except for the touch of blue added with the blue delphinium.  The cream and nude colors were carried out with the Cream Majolica spray rose, Sahara Roses and Patience Garden Roses.  A touch of bling  was added in the bouquet and on the bouquet handle.  

Quicksand or Sahara Roses are the perfect complimentary flower for this color pallete. 

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias (Swoon, they are amazing)

Hellebore are only available in the winter and early spring but for the bride that is getting married in that season they are perfect.

So there you have some of my favorite flowers for that nude color palette so if you are going to go nude...or rather have a nude to blush color palette these are some great options for you.  

Jon and Agatha

Jon and Agatha are one of those couples that leaves a mark or a great impression on you when you meet them.  They are definatly in love with each other but their focus more on others than themselves.  Amazing to see in action as they shared their hope for the day that others would see Christ reflected in them and be drawn to that. Classic  pink rose bouquets were carried by Agatha and her bridesmaids

                   Agatha was a beautiful bride full of grace and kindness on her                                                       wedding day.  
Simple and elegant pink rose bouquet
Pink Roses, Dusty Miller, and Grey Brunia

Love these open back dresses.  Pretty coming in an pretty leaving.