Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Dream Come True!

Last weekend I was able to check something off of my bucket list. Attend a Holly Chapple Design class. The class was held at Koehler and Dramm in Minneapolis, MN and it did not disappoint. 

Kohler and Dramm is a large floral wholesaler based out of Minneapolis. There supplies and fresh product is outstanding. To wander through their coolers and show room floor is a treat. 

Every spring they have a wedding design show and usually a class the following day and this year they brought in Holly Chapple to teach her Hollyish design techniques. It was awesome. 

I have followed Holly on social media for a long time. I admire her work, business philosophy, how she has been a mother of 7 and wife while she has built her business and also how real and transparent she is. 

The trend is for big bouquets that are loose, full and textural. Last season I tried many times to get that look and accomplished it to some degree but when putting the finishing touch on the handle of the bouquet it would pull the top in closer and totally ruin the look I was going for. I love the look and was so frustrated!! 
Then along comes this opportunity to learn from Holly Chapple who has perfected this technique and is a boss at it. 

Holly starting off class giving a little background on her and her business. 

Here Holly is starting to explain the construction of her magic chicken wire egg. 

Ready for class. I have my garden roses wired (this is new for me to wire roses) when Holly explained it I understood it and it worked like a charm

My first ever "chicken wire egg."

Some of the talented florist who have a desire to learn and grow along with some beautiful product from Kohler and Dramm

Sweet Peas!!! Gorgeous, and the smell was intoxicating. Just some of the beautiful product that Koheler and Dramm had for us to use. 
My first Hollyish bouquet. I loved the technique. I really was able to take advantage of the egg and give the bouquet that spread that I was looking for. I could use some more practice to use a little less greens which is the advantage of this style but over all I was pleased for my first attempt. Who am I kidding I felt like a new mom with her first baby! 
The chicken wire egg is also used for centerpieces and urns. Here we used it for a centerpiece. So many things I would change about this centerpiece after studying it in this picture. I decided to put it up with all of its imperfections. After all, this was a class, where you learn and grow. That is why I went. There are advantages to doing this and I am looking forward to giving it a try this wedding season. You lucky 2017 brides. 

The class then helped to make a table scape using the supplies and techniques we had just learned. Holly answered questions and continued to share how she has built her business and her how to's for growth in all areas.
I find these times when we are together as florist and especially wedding and event florist to be so valuable. They add to me and my business in ways that are unexplainable. 

The class proudly showing off their Hollyish bouquets.

The lady herself, Holly Chappel. 

They say if you don't have a picture then it didn't really happen.
It happened!! 

Thank you Kohler and Dramm for putting this together and making these opportunities available.
It was outstanding.